Have a design you need printed?

Don’t have a 3D Printer but need a couple things printed?

Whether it’s a figurine you found online, a functional prototype for your business, or a one-off invention, we can print your 3D models in a variety of materials and processes including PLA, ABS, PETG, ASA, PC, Nylon, and SLA processes.

Our print farm can accommodate small runs or large production quantities

Please note we cannot provide quotes for 3D Printing via phone. Requests must be submitted via email and include a 3D model.

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Have an idea for a Design?

We’ll design your idea in the latest 3D Modeling software. Use the new 3D model to print a prototype on your 3D printer, let us print it on ours, or use it to wow your customers as a 3D animation!

3D Design & Prototyping is quoted on a case by case basis and is biller per hour.

Please send us an email with as much information as you have available to help us provide the best quote possible. 3D files, drawings, etc are especially helpful.

A mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement is available upon request

Please note we are unable to provide quotes via phone

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FDM Print Farming Technology

A Glance at the Technology of our Fused Deposition Modeling Print Farm

Looking to start your own print farm? These upgrades are essential!


All-Metal & High Flow Hotends

Our 3D printers are equipped with All Metal Hotends which allow printing up to 300°C/572°F

This allows printing in materials such as Polycarbonate, ABS, Nylon, and others. 

Our larger printers are equipped with E3D Volcano hotends and larger nozzles to increase print speed up to 400% for large models.

Auto Bed Leveling

Automatic bed leveling via touch-probe offers low maintenance repeatable results for a perfect first layer every time. 

Octoprint with Octofarm

Each printer in our farm uses a Raspberry Pi SBC running the popular Octoprint web interface for remote monitoring and control. Each printer is also equipped with a webcam for remote monitoring. The OctoFarm  web server and client manages multiple instances of Octoprint and provides detailed reporting data and statistics. 

Spring Steel Beds

Spring steel beds allows for hot-swappable magnetic beds that offer excellent surface finish and the ability to choose a smooth or textured finish.

Custom Accessories

Printers are equipped with a combination of the S3DP Kore hotend and the S3DP Fan Control Module that allows for using higher quality fans, and quick replacements. These accessories are unique to Syracuse 3D Printing and were designed in-house!

Meet the Printers

Our Print Farm is constantly adding new 3D Printers and we often sell demo models as we add new equipment. 

Check here for used demo printers!

Some examples of 3D printers we use regularly:


  • Creality Ender 3 Pro

  • Creality CR10-V2

  • Creality Ender 5 Pro

  • Creality CR6 SE

  • Creality Ender 5 Plus

  • Prusa i3 MK3



All printers are heavily modified to maximize up time and efficiency.