Ultra Slim In-Wall MagSafe mount for smart home dashboards


Available as a full kit or only as 3D printed pieces.

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This 3D printed adapter allows you to wall mount your wireless charging compatible smart-home tablet dashboard. It uses a cut-in 2 gang box allowing the charger to recess into the wall providing an ultra-slim mount. This has been tested to work with the popular and inexpensive Amazon Fire HD10 Plus using the added magnetic rings.

Full kit, provide only your own tablet and power supply!

• 3D Printed Wall Mount in PLA (Marble PLA pictured, other colors available)
• 10W Wireless Charger – MagSafe compatible. USB C with C-A Adapter ($18 Value)
• Magnet Sticker with alignment tab – Tested to work with Fire HD 10 Plus ($12 Value)
• Retention magnets for magnetic charger and alignment tab – preinstalled ($5 Value)
• 2-Gang New Work Cut-in Box ($5 Value)

Requires a 10W USB-A or USB-C power supply (Not Included). Note you’ll need to find a way to get power to this device in the wall. This will vary based on where you want to put it, the construction of your home, and your local codes and ordinances. A common installation technique would be to install this within reach of an outlet and use an additional low voltage trim plate to bring the wire out of the wall near that outlet and plug it in to a USB wall adapter.

Power Supply Options:
• PoE Kit includes: Power over Ethernet to USB adapter. Requires compatible 48VDC PoE injector or switch > IEEE802.3af
• 12V Kit includes: 12V-1A Power Supply (UL Listed), 12V to 5V USB Adapter, 10′ #16 Power Wire, 4x Wago 221 Connectors, 5MM pigtail. Single Gang Low Voltage wall plate + brush style opening.

Essentials 3D Kit Includes:

• 3D Printed models only (3 Pieces)

– This kit requires cutting a hole in drywall to mount and running wire inside the wall. It will require tools for installation and a basic understanding of residential construction. I am not liable for any damage done in the installation of this product provided as a DIY kit. Please check to make sure you’re in compliance with all local codes and ordinances before ordering.
– This item is 3D printed in PLA. It is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and dimensionally accurate making it an ideal material for cosmetic items such as this. PLA however is susceptible to deformation in high heat and should avoid being placed in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. PLA is also not fire resistant. By purchasing this item you are using it at your own risk and agree to only use it in compliance with all local laws and regulations.
– This product has been tested using the specific equipment mentioned or provided. Compatibility with 3rd party devices can not be guaranteed.
– This device uses a magnetic charger as the primary means of connection and can become dislodged unintentionally. I recommend mounting the device in a manner that will not allow it to be accidentally bumped in to, and in a location that will not cause damage to the device if it were to fall.
– This will not work with a device without a raised magnetic ring. If you need a fully flush magnetic charger for an iPhone or similar please contact me.
– You are purchasing this kit as a DIY install kit. It is up to you to insure the device is installed in a way that is safe and compliant with all local laws and regulations.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 4 in