D1MiniDev DIY Kit (Non-Assembled)


The DIY Kit base package includes only the PCB. Additional components must be selected as desired.

Choose additional components here. Assembly is not included.


The D1MiniDev, manufactured by Syracuse3DPrinting, is a compact and versatile device ideal for DIY enthusiasts. Utilizing the well-regarded D1Mini ESP8266 microcontroller, this device provides a range of inputs and outputs suitable for a myriad of applications.

Key Features:

  1. MAX6675 + K Type Thermocouple: The device integrates a MAX6675 thermocouple amplifier and a K type thermocouple, which offer precise temperature measurements. This functionality is crucial for projects requiring temperature monitoring, including HVAC diagnostics.
  2. WS2812B RGB LED: The D1MiniDev contains a programmable WS2812B RGB LED, which can be customized to change colors based on varying conditions, including temperature fluctuations.
  3. 2x Momentary Push Buttons: These buttons serve as binary inputs for Home Assistant, enabling users to control various aspects of their smart home system, such as adjusting lighting or activating scenes, directly from the device.
  4. Power Regulator with 7-28VDC and USB Input: The D1MiniDev is designed with flexibility in mind, with a power regulator compatible with a wide array of power sources, ranging from 7 to 28VDC and including USB power.
  5. Dual 6 Pin Molex Minifit Connectors: The D1MiniDev is equipped with dual 6 pin Molex minifit connectors, facilitating connectivity with other devices or modules and allowing for potential expansion of its functionality.
  6. ESPHome Configuration: A sample ESPHome configuration for the D1MiniDev is available for download, ensuring a smooth integration process with the Home Assistant platform.

Users can choose between three different formats for the D1MiniDev: a bare PCB for those interested in a completely hands-on assembly experience; a DIY Kit that includes the PCB and components of your choice; or a fully assembled unit for immediate use. An optional 3D printed enclosure, purchasable or self-printable for those with a 3D printer, is available for added device protection.


Bill of materials, sample configurations and more:



Downloadable Enclosure:



Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 4 in