“ReadyToPrint” 3D Printers

Assembled, Calibrated, and ready to print your favorite plastic materials as soon as you get it!

“ReadyToPrint” 3D Printers are popular printers from major brands such as Creality which are assembled, calibrated, and upgraded to meet your specifications locally by the team at Syracuse 3D Printing. 


Take the guesswork out of your first printer, or get up and running quick with an extra printer for your home and business. 

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The “Ready To Print” Difference

Consumer and Prosumer 3D Printers have come a long way in a short time. What was once a hobby only for those willing to invest copious amounts of time and money has finally reached the point where almost anyone can use them! Their low price point, widespread adoption, and ease of use has opened up the market for thousands of new makers and small businesses.

With 3D Printing becoming a realistic option for hobbyists and small businesses alike, it’s good to remember that this market segment is not for everyone. Low priced 3D Printers are complicated machines, and meant for hobby use, not a production environment in a factory. Tweaking, maintaining, and upgrading them is all part of the ownership model. 

With “Ready To Print” 3D printers, we take the guesswork out of the first stages of this process. Your 3D printer comes assembled, calibrated and “dialed-in” ready to print as soon as you get it! It’s still not going to be the same as a $20,000 production 3D printer, but you’ll be starting way ahead of the pack!


What You Get

Day 1 Design Upgrades

Day 1 Upgrades are those things that should be replaced before the printer is even assembled. Low cost changes to the basic design of the printer like stiffer springs, cable clips, and extruder modifications to increase the life of the parts on your printer. 

All “ReadyToPrint” setups include these basic upgrades!


Professional Assembly

While it may look simple to some to bolt together the parts of the 3D Printer, it’s not quite that easy. With multiple moving axes, a part installed not quite square to another can cause major issues with print quality and cause parts to prematurely wear. Once the unit is assembled we use precision instruments to verify all tolerances are within specification. 


Add-Ons and Accessories

While we’re building your printer to your specifications, it’s often very little extra charge to replace factory components with upgrades ones to suit your needs. These items can range anywhere from a new aluminum extruder and precision PTFE tubing, to advanced upgrades like an all-metal hotend to print high temp materials like ABS & PETG. 

Don’t know what that means? It’s ok, we’re here to walk you through the process!

Personalized Support & Warranty

Personalized email support is included with every “ReadyToPrint” 3D Printer, along with a 1-year parts warranty on the printer and any upgrades. One-on-One training including web-conferencing is also available for an additional fee. 



Once assembled, each printer is tested and calibrated for the following:

  • All Moving Axes Squareness
  • Roller/Bearing Tension
  • Belt Tension
  • Lead Screw/Linear Bearing lubrication and clearance check
  • Hotend PID Autotune
  • Heated Bed PID Autotune
  • Bed Leveling – First Layer Verification
  • Power Supply Output Level

All “ReadyToPrint” printers include a calibration test print from your new 3D Printer. 


Tools & Spare Parts

All “ReadyToPrint” 3D Printers come with the basic tools you’ll need to perform maintenance and replace parts if/when needed. Most include spare parts as well, including any and all parts that you choose to upgrade. 

Original packaging for upgrades and the printer itself is not typically included, but is available upon request.

Ready To Print 3D Printers

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